Working Of iPAS Systems

iPAS means Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems. It is a great product launched by Chris Jones & Chris Campbell. The product was launched in November 2010. Campbell & Jones understood the huge failure rate of online marketing so they developed a method to entice people of all ages. It is a fact that any home based business has their success determined by the traffic on their website. Marketing efforts equals more traffic, more traffic equals more potential customers & more potential customer’s means more sales. The iPAS program can be divided into four parts.

Products & Presentation: ipas2 offers a unique line of products that are in demand. These products range from electronic books to downloadable application. In addition to products, members will have access to the professional presentation materials.

Revenue Method: The sales method is related to the marketing funnel but more specifically brought through several steps to a customer. In this phase the marketer must build trust with the customers with the help of team members by way of conversation or emails.

Marketing Funnel: This refers an individual's experience after they view your webpage to the point where they either purchase the products or unsubscribe from your site. Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems will direct you towards doing your own marketing or they are going to do it for you.

Closing Method: iPAS attends to sales for its members with a professional sales team handling most inbound & outbound calls.