What is black truffle salt

Black truffle salt is unlike any other salt in the world.  It is completely unique in the fact that it contains real black truffles.  Black truffles are a source of great protein and are utilized by vegetarians to get protein without consuming meat.  Black truffles are highly sought after, because of their unique flavor and enhancements they provide.  Not everyone can afford black truffles with the cost of buying them being well over $500.00 for the smallest of samples.  Now everyone is able to reap the benefits of black truffles due to black truffle salt. 

Finding real black truffle sea salt can be a challenging task, with some vendors using fake black truffles as a mix with the real truffles to offset costs, finding a reputable vendor is imperative.  Luckily, there are vendors like Salts Worldwide that offers real black truffle salt imported from Italy.  Some chefs refuse to cook without having the exact ingredients they desire, and black truffle salt is among the top of those.  Chefs utilize black truffles to add elegance, appeal, and a distinct taste to their dish.  Whether you are a novice cook, salt enthusiast, or a foodie, black truffle salt is worth having in your pantry learn more about black truffle sea salt at http://saltsworldwide.com.