Smoking- A Path to Death

It is true smoking kills. Smoking is an activity or a habit where the person inhales or exhales the smoke of a tobacco or any drug which later gets absorbed in bloodstream. Tobacco and other drugs when consumed directly harm us by targeting our lungs which get filled with tar causing our respiratory system to fail. Smoking is an addictive habit. Once a person gets into smoking it’s really hard for that person to quit it. It’s difficult but not at all impossible.

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Many smokers out there always tend to argue that they cannot quit smoking if they repetitively see other people smoking in front of them or nearby. Some do not want to face the possibly intolerable taking away symptoms that are often accompanying a sudden self-denial from smoking.

 Moderately, a lot of people have actually managed to quit smoking, but when they unexpectedly put on a lot of weight, they resume the habit. Then it seems impossible for them but what they actually need is someone’s love, motivation, care, support, and most importantly trusts.

Smoking is not at all a habit that one should be proud of. They are simply fooling themselves to an extent where they can only kill themselves. This is not only a problem for them but also for the people attached to them. This makes all of them weak morally and spiritually. Smoking only causes the negativity to run or behold around you it’s better to save urself are your close loved ones rather than deliberately pushing them and urself in a long dark pit.