Improve Cognitive Function With Smart Drugs

First smart drug was introduced in 1954 by a Belgian Scientists at UCB lab. This drug was the part of a Nootropics class. It has been scientifically proven that nootropics enhance mental performance and improve cognitive functions.  There are a lot of ailments that are treated with these smart drugs and they are either available over the counter or with a prescription.

You may have seen bradley cooper limitless movie in which he took a drug known as NZT 48; this drug enhanced his analytic power, thinking ability and memory. Same way these smart drugs work, but are less effective than shown in the movie.  These smart drugs increase cognitive functions, especially benefits your intelligence, memory and attention span.

The improved mental activity is the result of increase blood circulation between the 2 hemispheres in your brain.  They are also used to repair damaged brain tissues caused by intake of physical trauma or alcohol.  

There is a drug which is known as Pitacetam which can treat the symptoms of things like Alzheimer; however no study has proved this yet.  This drug has been proved to enhance motor skills when driving and cognitive functions. It is also proved to be good drug in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and Dyslexia.  But, it does not work through a lot common metabolic pathways.