How To Extract Essential Oils

Have you ever gone through Aromatherapy, then you must be aware about the Essential oils benefits. Highly concentrated essential oils are used in this therapy. This therapy not only relaxes your body but also provide comfort to your mind. There are various techniques that are used to extract pure essential oils. Steam distillation is the basic or traditional technique of extraction. Now you can buy pure essential oils online but make sure you compare prices first. Yesterday I was reading doterra essential oils review, and came to know that this company is the leading brand in the essential oils industry.

If you are buying essential oils for healing then quality matters a lot. Reading companies’ review is a smart idea to make the best choice in essential oils. Now let’s come back to the extraction process.

The Steam Distillation is the conventional technique of essential oils. The items chosen to have the oils extracted from them are placed in a steam "chamber" onto trays.

When the steam impregnates the materials, it is filled with the substances contained in the plants. After that these substances will pass through a "condenser" which cools and concentrates the product. One the process gets done, the oils are separated from any waters left and the essential oils are formed.