Can You Really Commit to a Career in Medical Transcription?

Your aptitude and skills are not enough to survive a career in home-based medical transcription. This is because home-based work needs much more than skills. Most people want to work from home because of the promised comfort. However, this comfort can be fatal for a professional career. Apart from comfort and flexibility, home offers distractions, and even depression at times. Let me tell you what all you need to do in order to commit to a home-based medical transcription career.

  • You have to provide for a noise-free space for your home-office.

  • You have to get all the necessary things to set up an office at home.

  • You have to get a phone dedicated to your home-office.

  • You need to dedicate a fixed number of hours for your work consistently.

  • You have to stick to a work routine.

  • You have to disconnect from family and your domestic responsibilities during your work hours everyday.

  • You need to avoid distractions and remain focused during your work hours.

  • You have to get your children taken care of while you are at work.

  • You will need to work in an isolated environment, with no co-workers around.

  • You will need to perform without constant monitoring.

  • You have to keep yourself motivated.

  • You have to remain focused during all stages of the work.

  • You need to commit to meeting deadlines on your own.

  • You will need to manage breaks and vacations in your home-based business.

  • You have to ensure conformation to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines.

So, what do you think? Can you handle home-based medical transcription?